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Give small businesses an edge with fast, uninterrupted connectivity. Our adaptive WiFi offers flawless coverage from wall to wall.

Intelligent WiFi that never stops self-optimizing

Features at a glance

Patented signal steering, prioritization, and optimization.

Updates auto-download for low maintenance and easy scaling.

Ensures 24/7 business continuity.

Plus, automated internet speed tests for your network and quality ratings for each connected device.

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What small business owners are saying about WorkPass

The ultimate WiFi experience

Faster connections are only the beginning. Users tell us they love Link because it just works. That allows business owners to focus on the million other things on their to-do lists. Your small business customers will thank you for solving their connectivity headaches with long-term loyalty. Learn more about how adaptive networks deliver where traditional WiFi falls short.

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Is your business future-proof?

To survive and thrive, Communications Service Providers need new services to meet their subscribers’ evolving needs. Learn how Plume is creating a sustainable, services-driven future for smart homes and small businesses.

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Services included with our WorkPass membership


Our adaptive WiFi uses AI to steer bandwidth where it’s needed for fast, ultra-reliable connections for business-critical applications. Also includes automatic LTE backup, enhanced visibility, and more.

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Our mobile app gives small businesses next-level control