The foundations of Plume


In the race to create smart home devices, something was lost

Most companies failed to recognize that smart devices are only as intelligent as their networks. Blind to performance inside the home, Service Providers relied on expensive, time-consuming truck rolls to investigate concerns. As a result, customers were stuck with generic WiFi, unsafe networks, and a gaping hole where awesome experiences could be. We set to work, designing a new way forward from scratch.

Welcome to the next generation of WiFi
Welcome to the next generation of WiFi
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“The platform is deployed in more than 30 million locations globally. And is the only open and hardware-independent cloud-controlled SDN (Software Defined Network) solution that delivers self-optimizing Wi-Fi, AI device security, and a host of other “smart home” applications.”

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“With the Plume SuperPod With Wi-Fi 6, you can bring Wi-Fi 6 coverage to every room in your home. The low-profile pods are easy on the eyes and even easier to install and manage, and deliver good close-range performance with multi-gig connectivity.”


“There are a number of unique elements that differentiate Plume from its competitors and provide ISPs with the tools and insights necessary to derive significant operational benefits… Plume’s AI-driven Platform increases ISPs’ time-to-market advantages through its high-performance, cloud-based delivery model.”