Manage your always-on network, your staff, and your customer data from an app.

Built specifically for small businesses, WorkPass is an enterprise-grade tool tailor made for Main Street.

Small business WiFi should be more than just signal strength. Yes, fast, reliable connectivity is crucial, but imagine if you could plug into the perfect platform that unlocks productivity, security, and marketing superpowers and puts them in the palm of your hand? And imagine if you could not only rely on LTE backup during outages, but control it yourself from an app? Now you can.

Explore the platform built for small business

Upgrade to a suite of Smart Business Services made for you.

Your WorkPass membership (starting at $499) is the key to managing and growing your business from anywhere.

Included services



Adaptive, cloud-based WiFi



Guest analytics and insights



Enterprise-grade, AI security



Workforce management tools



Motion awareness data

It’s a membership: select your subscription term and tell us the size of your business and whether or not you need LTE backup*, and we’ll recommend the ideal configuration of SuperPods. Then once you’re set up, manage it all with our mobile app and your existing internet service.

*Learn more about LTE backup here.


One membership; many benefits

  • reliable-wifi

    Reliable WiFi for every corner of your business with patented adaptive WiFi technology.

  • enjoy-LTE-backup

    Enjoy optional LTE backup and flexible hardware options that can be wall-, desk- , or ceiling-mounted thanks to external AC and power over ethernet (PoE+) options.

  • protect-data

    Protect data and block threats with AI-based, enterprise-grade security.

  • control

    Control guest networks, security settings, device access, and more with the WorkPass app.

  • gain-insights

    Gain insights from real-time, customer-behavior analytics to drive sales and build loyalty.

  • manage-staff

    Manage staff whether you’re at work or not, through engagement and productivity tools.

Take charge of your wifi.

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WorkPass, by Plume

Plume Workpass is a business services platform that delivers powerful insights and makes network setup easy while providing the best business network security. Remotely and seamlessly take care of customer tracking and manage employee productivity. We make setting up a small business network easy with our holistic small business network solution that grows with you.