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HomePass app

Our highly-rated iOS and Android apps allow subscribers to self-manage their network—requiring less frequent help from your support team.

Give customers the power of personalization

Features at a glance

Customers can manage logins and guest passwords, and control content access with predefined filters and time-scheduled presets.

Let your customers manage their network their way.

Provides a holistic view of the network and the power to troubleshoot issues.

Notifies users of network outages or unusual activity.

Powerful Al protection that safeguards against cyber-threats.

Let your customers enjoy an ad-free experience.

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Network Priority: The power to boost what matters

Your customers can choose to temporarily prioritize app categories, people, or devices for an added feeling of control over their home network.

Benefits for Communications Service Providers

Elevated experience

By replacing frustration with function, your empowered customers will be too satisfied with the HomePass app to switch to another provider.

Contactless self-installation

Guided by the HomePass app, new users can complete their new network setup within minutes—saving you costly technician visits.

Customize for your market

The HomePass app offers CSPs ultimate flexibility. Choose which features to offer and add your branding. We can also deploy in different languages.

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97% self-install completion rate

  1. 1

    Connect pod to modem

    Use ethernet cable

  2. 2

    Plug pod into power

    Stay close until it boots up

  3. 3

    Restart your modem

    Remove all devices/cables first

Give technicians the day off. The HomePass app lets subscribers set up their own WiFi in under five minutes.

Benefits for subscribers

Personalized experience

High-value subscribers love the freedom to run their network their way in our top-rated app. You get all the credit.

Smart home command center

From the palm of their hand, users can boost WiFi to apps or devices or people, turn on ad-blocking, enable kid-safe content filtering, and get notifications for outages or unusual activity.

Cutting-edge control

Subscribers can manage network access with guest passwords and granular device access. Parents love the ability to filter content on a device level and set internet freezes.

Plume Energy

Services included with our HomePass membership


First-of-its-kind adaptive WiFi system. HomePass uses AI to automatically steer signals for faster, more reliable connections in every room—no matter the type of home.

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