Plume leverages AI to introduce ‘Full Stack Optimization’—a set of game-changing network features to drive application performance to the next level

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—As Plume enters a new era in its evolution with over 50 million locations now managed by its global cloud platform, the launch of application intelligence & performance optimization marks a major advancement for WiFi-enabled consumer experience—

The Independent Show, Minneapolis, MN — August 1, 2023 – Network services and consumer experience pioneer Plume® today announced the release of Application Prioritization and Application Performance capabilities, the latest enhancements to its multi-award-winning adaptive WiFi service, managed from within the Haystack® Support Suite. These new features fall under an offering called ‘Full Stack Optimization,’ and will enable Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to optimize wireless customer experience down to the application category and significantly improve network performance.

"We are delighted that Plume is bringing new enhancements to its Haystack suite that will increase our operational effectiveness," said Serge Eiffes, Head of Product Management & Marketing at service provider POST Luxembourg. “We are very proud of our customer satisfaction ratings and are constantly looking for new ways to improve the WiFi experience. Full Stack Optimization will automatically improve application performance and also give our customer support teams deeper insights to monitor and support our customers more effectively.”

Full Stack Optimization adds a new layer of sophisticated intelligence that automatically detects and optimizes the performance of each individual application traffic flow, improving latency and ensuring an optimal user experience. Bandwidth is prioritized in real time through an understanding of the unique performance needs of popular application categories including streaming, gaming, and video conferencing. Plume’s enhanced Full Stack Optimization algorithm digs down to the application layer, intelligently steering WiFi in the home at all times.

The new features are embedded into OpenSync®, the open source networking framework that’s at the heart of Plume’s consumer experience platform, augmenting the Haystack suite of back-end support and measurement tools that hundreds of CSPs already know and love. By using application performance scores established over time, CSPs will be able to test different OpenSync-certified networking devices, such as gateways and extenders, against each other to verify vendor claims and select the most performant hardware solution for their specific use case.

Full Stack Optimization builds upon Plume’s market-leading adaptive WiFi solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor and optimize the home network and safeguard the consumer’s experience from the effects of load, congestion, and interference. OpenSync's unique position in the networking device firmware enables granular identification of traffic down to the application family. Working within Plume’s Haystack Support Suite, the additional insight into application behavior enables service providers to take the necessary proactive steps to rapidly diagnose and resolve performance issues, leading to reduced support calls, happier customers, and reduced churn.

The launch of Full Stack Optimization comes as Plume surpasses a significant milestone of 50 million smart homes and small businesses now managed by its Cloud. Through the management of this unmatched global Software Defined Network, Plume’s AI algorithms benefit from collective machine learning across multiple geographies, topologies, and use cases to optimize consumer experience more effectively.

“With over 94,000 different kinds of devices managed by the Plume Cloud, consumers are ever more reliant on applications to support their digital lifestyles, be it for work, rest, or play,” said Fahri Diner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Plume. “Together, Plume and its service provider partners must respond to these changing needs and tap more sophisticated systems that go deeper into the networking layer to provide the best possible experiences. Our latest enhancements bring consumers additional reassurance that their apps and services are tuned to work at their peak.”

Learn more about Full Stack Optimization by visiting Plume’s booth (#316) at The Independent Show, on August 1 & August 2, 2023.

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