Sunrise to offer Smart Home Services in partnership with Plume

Press Release

ZURICH, Switzerland, Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Sunrise, the largest non-state-controlled telecommunications company in Switzerland, announces the upcoming launch of Smart Wi-Fi Powered by Plume, a Smart Home Services offering designed to help improve, personalize, and secure the smart home experience.

A recent survey conducted by Sunrise indicates that Wi-Fi has become synonymous with the internet for consumers: it found that 95% of Swiss people today rely on a wireless network at home for their access to the internet.1 Backed by Plume technology, the new service further enhances Sunrise subscribers’ online experience in every corner of their homes through Wi-Fi optimization, custom and secure guest access, parental controls, and AI security for added protection of their devices. Plume works optimally with the ultrafast broadband connections from Sunrise and thus offers the best in-home experience, perfectly complementing the product portfolio of Sunrise.

“Sunrise is thrilled to partner with Plume to bring our subscribers the next level of speed, personalization, security, and control for the Wi-Fi at home,” says Bruno Duarte, Chief Consumer Officer at Sunrise. “We continuously look for ways to tailor the best in-home wireless experience to each person, home, and device. Smart Wi-Fi powered by Plume will help us carry out this goal.”

According to the Sunrise survey, 50% of participants indicated they would sign up for a service that manages and guarantees a reliable and stable internet solution to support the increasing variety of devices that connect to Wi-Fi. Smart Wi-Fi Powered by Plume brings Sunrise subscribers:

  • Plume Adaptive WiFi which intelligently optimizes and adjusts your network for peak performance.
  • HomePass which lets customers control guest and child access to their network, set up profiles, and pause the internet.
  • AI Security to detect and block potential security threats, customize content access, and block unwanted ads.
  • Elegantly designed, powerful tri-band SuperPods that plug directly into wall sockets to ensure reliable coverage.
  • The highly-rated Plume App which puts subscribers in control of all of these services.

“Plume is proud to support Sunrise as they usher in a new era of smart home services including reliable home Wi-Fi, personalized parental controls, advanced guest access, and tightly secured devices,” says Sri Nathan, co-founder and Head of Business Development at Plume. “Smart Wi-Fi powered by Plume ensures Sunrise subscribers will consistently get the best experiences possible across their homes on all of their devices.”

Smart Wi-Fi Powered by Plume will be available to Sunrise subscribers on November 21st. Only one SuperPod is needed to start using the entire smart home service at CHF 4.90 per month with a one-time CHF 90 fee. Additional SuperPods can be added as needed to expand Wi-Fi coverage across the home at CHF 90 each.

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