Frequently Asked Questions

Plume Adaptive WiFi enables the Plume Cloud to monitor all connections on the network. Plume’s Optimizer interprets the data received and applies advanced algorithms that schedule optimizations and ensure every pod or access point (powered by Plume) on the network makes the best connection possible using the least congested channels. Optimizations occur on an as-needed basis to react to changes in the environment, always ensuring optimal performance is maintained.

Plume provides support tools for tier 1, 2 and 3 support and engineering organizations. Plume Central enables CSPs’ tier 1 support agents to diagnose and resolve issues reported by the customer. It also provides support agents with an easy-to-use dashboard that presents all of the relevant information to quickly and efficiently identify the issues, take the recommended troubleshooting steps, and solve the customer’s problem. Plume Central includes a technician dashboard for onsite technicians to set up, configure, and verify the installation of the customer’s Plume network.

The Plume Network Operations Center (NOC) contains more advanced tools and analytics that tier 2 and tier 3 support teams can use to troubleshoot issues with the customer’s network. Engineering level controls are also included to diagnose more complex client device compatibility issues and network performance issues.

Network level performance and customer trends are analyzed with Plume Dashboards, a web based analytics tool customized to your network deployments. With Plume Dashboards, it’s possible to verify reliable network operations, customer growth, and reduced churn–all from a single web interface. Each tool has different roles available to further define an individual’s access level.

Plume Signal is specifically designed to monitor network health, alert you to network trends affecting customer satisfaction, lower service calls through proactive customer self-service, and identify high risk customers for action to prevent churning.

Network level performance and customer trends are analyzed with Plume Dashboards, a web based analytics tool customized to your network. Understanding which customers in your network are suffering from impairments and providing solutions for the root-cause ailments is critical to achieving high customer NPS.

The Plume Cloud requires a reliable connection to the gateway in order to receive the performance metrics needed to perform optimizations and maintain all security, parental control, guest network, and other Plume services.

The Plume service is best paired with a high speed internet connection, but any broadband connection will suffice for minimum service. In addition to speed, to start service a gateway requires obtaining a DHCP address via ethernet to obtain uplink information. Plume also supports a number of existing third party gateways which would allow the gateway router to uplink via DOCSIS, fiber, and cellular.

Plume can be provided to your customers as either a complete self-install or a pre-provisioned solution. While we recommend customer self-install with the intuitive Plume app, we understand that white glove technician install can add an extra layer of service to your customers.

Technicians can pre-provision the customer’s Plume account and add pods before arriving on-site using the Plume Tools or by leveraging the cloud’s APIs.

Gateway devices that are compatible with Plume include:

  • SuperPod with WiFi 6
  • SuperPod with WiFi 6E
  • Plume SuperPod
  • Askey AP5620W
  • Sagemcom FAST 286
  • Hitron CODA 4582

Please see our tech specs for more detailed information.

A Plume deployment typically takes 30 to 45 days. Each new Plume partner will have access to a Plume delivery manager, who will guide you through the deployment steps.

The Plume deployment includes the following:

  • Mobile app customization.
  • Access to our training library as well as live webinars on our products and tools.
  • Marketing materials and kits that CSPs can leverage (we tailor marketing materials to match your messaging).
  • Align support processes with your customer service organization to enable smooth issue reporting and resolution.

The Plume Cloud includes a robust set of APIs that an CSP can leverage to monitor and provision their service for an end customer.

The APIs also give the ability for an CSP to integrate their existing tools or build new tools for specific use cases, beyond what has been provided in Plume Central™ and the NOC. This allows CSPs to create tools to automate processes or to integrate them with other CRM tools and reporting systems.

Our Partner Program supports CSPs and Value Added Resellers (VARs) of broadband equipment to CSPs, small business, and end-users.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please complete this form and we will be in touch shortly. We look forward to working with you!

Plume SuperPods’ realtime services require a different protocol than TR-069 to operate with the highest flexibility. The use of open source protocols coupled with our Software Defined Network controller in the Plume Cloud delivers services on any OpenSync platform.

OpenSync enabled third party gateways may have supplemental support for TR-069 to provide functions for DOCSIS management. For more information on these protocols, please visit

Please see our Platform page to learn about the features of the platform.

For all types of partners, we offer an extensive learning catalog that will help you understand Plume’s core value proposition for your business and your customers.

CSP Partners – we’ll work with you to create successful co-branded content and campaigns. As you prepare to launch Plume services, we’ll help you develop landing pages, email campaigns, and social media content. Additionally, we’ll suggest competitive pricing strategies for your broadband services.

Channel Partners – in addition to sales enablement training, we’ll ensure your sales team has the latest product data sheets, whitepapers, and sales presentations. We also offer competitive revenue share models, and a deal registration process.

Our partner marketing and customer success teams will work with you during the onboarding process to ensure you are prepared to launch Plume services, and we’ll help you measure success following the launch.

We’d love for you to try out Plume. If you’re interested in a trial please fill out this form, and we will contact you to start your trial.