How many pods do I need?

Let’s get to know your home a little better.

1.How many rooms do you have?

If you have an open floor plan and a considerably large living room space, consider it as 2 rooms. Do not count bathrooms,utility rooms or closets as rooms. Count your garage as a room if you want awesome Wi-Fi everywhere.

Living Room
Other rooms

2.Are the walls inside your home made of concrete?

Wi-Fi signals have more difficulty passing through certain materials. For such homes we recommend adding more pods so they are relatively closer to each other for a stronger connection.

3.What Internet speed are you currently signed up to receive from your Internet Service Provider?

Select the download speed you intend to have in the next year to future proof your home. We’ll select the right configuration for your home.

We recommend starting your Plume membership with one of these bundles:

Super fast, wall-to-wall coverage!