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Sustainability Policy

Plume Design, Inc. (on behalf of itself, its affiliates and branch offices, “Plume”) is committed to a culture of inclusion, innovation, and continuous improvement. At Plume, we take our relentless curiosity and passion for imaginative innovation and apply it to everything we do. At the core of our Plumian culture, we aim to do what should be done, and not what can be done. This spirit is reflected in our economic, social, and environmental sustainability plan as well as our educational program to ensure the awareness and understanding of our goals and how to achieve them together.

To further economic, environmental, and social sustainability, Plume follows United States’ and foreign legal and regulatory requirements which are applicable to our business and affect the environment.

We educate our employees, as well as the third parties with whom we work and serve, about Plume’s sustainability practices and Plume’s objectives to help us ensure we meet our goals.

Economic Sustainability

Supports cost effective and efficient practices that further economic growth, prosperity, and development. To these ends, Plume,

  • Establishes work from home as a choice for all Plumians, which fosters productivity and reduces carbon emissions associated with travel to and from the workplace
  • Prioritizes technology and tools, such as video conferencing, that build community and collaboration while dramatically reducing the need for, and the costs associated with, physical travel for meetings
  • Structures timing of physical meetings efficiently, to avoid multiple trips when possible which reduces spend and also supports Plume’s environmental sustainability goals
  • When possible, strives to work with third parties in developing countries to support economic growth in those regions
  • Endeavors to increase digital equality through delivery of services to residents of low income housing
  • Supports small business owners, including those in developing countries through provision of services that improve digital access
  • When possible, endeavors to purchase “eco credits” for any travel and suggests our third- party providers use hybrid vehicles when transporting materials within or among their various warehouses and other facilities
  • Self-regulates and uses ethical decision making in its business practices
  • Fosters resilience, through community investments, made both locally and globally, in the form of philanthropy and volunteering
  • Offers a myriad of benefits and opportunities for social responsibility to Plumians, including matching donations, charitable giving, and volunteering, all of which further social sustainability

Social Sustainability

Creates and fosters an ecosystem that improves the health, wellness, and overall quality of life for Plumians and those who work with us and live in our communities. Plume encourages volunteering, matches contributions, and supports and participates in community engagement. Plume,

  • Facilitates schedules so all Plumians can personally participate in community outreach or other forms of volunteering opportunities organized by Plume
  • Nurtures a welcoming and inclusive culture that fosters collaboration and leverages the skills and experiences of Plumians, building upon diversity of thought and yielding continuous innovation
  • Reflects on the impact Plume has and can have in the communities where we live and work
  • Encourages activities that improve the health and wellness of Plumians and their families and that advance our social goals
  • Promotes intercultural intelligence, by educating Plumians and the third parties with whom we work to understand how culture influences behavior

Within the ambit of our social sustainability lies “#PlumeStrong,” our community outreach and engagement program. Through #PlumeStrong, we encourage friendly competition and camaraderie among Plumians, while contributing to underserved communities. We recognize that our jobs help businesses function more efficiently, support on-line classrooms, and connect communities, but our work continues -- even after we leave our desks.

Through #PlumeStrong, we introduce and connect Plumians to opportunities to serve the global communities Plume serves. Our goal is to make our communities better places to live and work through charitable giving, mentoring, and volunteering our time and skills.

Environmental Sustainability

Implement tools for responsible interaction with our environment that broadly considers climate change and climate impacts, aims to reduce overconsumption and to prevent waste, specifically targeting reduction in energy consumption and pollution, and prioritizing renewable resources and sustainable sources of energy. Plume,

  • Strives to prevent pollution and reduce carbon emissions through limiting our use of valuable resources and limiting our production of waste
  • When possible, incorporates measures to increase energy efficiency and other sustainability initiatives into its offices and other physical facilities
  • Works with engineers to search for ways to incorporate alternative energy sources, when possible, in setting up new offices and work-related spaces
  • In structuring our production and service offerings, considers the environmental impacts of our operations and sustainable resource usage
  • Reduces our consumption and when possible, recycles, repurposes, and donates to divert materials from the landfill or combustion
  • Commits to continuous improvement by setting, monitoring, and reviewing environmental objectives and targets
  • Encourages and directs third-party manufacturers and other supply chain partners to practice environmentally responsible manufacturing, recycling, and otherwise use environmentally sound disposal practices, all to further foster our own and their respective sustainability initiatives
  • Prioritizes use of electronic tools over paper ones which both reduces office materials spend and promotes Plume’s environmental objectives

Education and Training

Educates and informs Plumians, our customers and third-party supply chain partners about our sustainability triad, encouraging them to make better decisions that foster sustainability and supporting them in their sustainability-centered decisions. Plume, Provides an ecosystem conducive to economic, social, and environmental sustainability awareness

  • Promotes dialog around economic, social, and environmental responsibility

  • Educates its third-party manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, and all other parties with whom it works on Plume’s sustainability policy and sustainability goals

  • Plume expects all Plumians to embrace and abide by the Plumian sustainability practices to ensure that Plume attains and ultimately surpasses its sustainability goals. As with everything we do at Plume, we welcome suggestions and ideas from across all functions and sectors of our business about how we can continuously improve Plume’s sustainability practices.

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