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Updated: August 8, 2023

From time to time Plume partners with third party service providers who contract to provide the same level of data protection and information security that customers can expect from Plume. Some of these third parties are engaged as “subprocessors” to process customer data, in connection with the products and services we provide.

A list of subprocessors currently engaged by Plume to provide our products and services is set out below. Plume may update this list from time to time.

Subcontractor NameCountry of ProcessingPurpose for Processing
AWS,, Inc.U.S.A., EU, Canada, JapanCloud software services
Plume Design d o.o. Ljubljana, SloveniaSlovenia, Poland, SwitzerlandResearch and development services from Plume’s Slovenia, Poland, Switzerland offices
Majorel Canada, Inc.CanadaCustomer support services
SalesforceU.S.A.Customer support services
Sykes Enterprises, Inc. (Sitel Group)Costa Rica, GermanyCustomer support services
Cognitive Systems CorpU.S.A., EUTechnology vendor for HomePass (Motion)
Guest Network Inc. dba MyWifi NetworksU.S.A., EU, CanadaTechnology vendor for WorkPass Captive Portal
MixPanelU.S.A.Technology vendor for HomePass & WorkPass feature analytics
Heap.ioU.S.A.Technology vendor for HomePass & WorkPass feature analytics
DatabricksU.S.A.Serverless data warehouse (software services) and technology vendor for analytics
Braze Inc.U.S.A.Technology vendor for HomePass & WorkPass (InApp) Notifications
Akamai Technologies Inc.U.S.A.Technology vendor for HomePass Guard & WorkPass Shield features
PubNub Inc.U.S.A.Technology vendor for sending live motion events and push notifications for HomePass Sense features
OoklaU.S.A.Technology vendor for HomePass & WorkPass Speedtest data