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Plume Product Descriptions for Trials

HomePass® Service Suite

  • Adapt™

    • The Adapt service contains the first and only self-optimizing whole-home WiFi technology. Adapt creates flawless connectivity across device types, rooms, and complex environments using advanced machine learning for the best connection. The cloud-coordinated system harmonizes legacy deployments via OpenSync®-compatible hardware or tri-band Plume® SuperPod.
  • Control™

    • Control provides subscribers the ability to personalize and manage access to their network: Parental control tools to set boundaries for access and usage, guest manager for access permissions and passwords, and content manager to filter and block unwanted websites and ads.
  • Guard™

    • Guard keeps connected homes safe using advanced security features that get smarter over time. CSPs can offer online protection from malicious content, a real-time threat database, IoT anomaly detection plus device quarantine, and intrusion detection with outside threat blocking.
  • Sense™

    • Sense provides total home awareness for subscribers. WiFi motion detection turns subscriber-owned devices into sensors to detect expected and unexpected movement throughout the home. Subscribers can also see movement patterns over time within the HomePass app.

WorkPass® Service Suite

  • Link™

    • Link combines flawless adaptive WiFi with powerful business tools. Intelligent features include patented adaptive connectivity through band steering, prioritization, and machine-learned optimization, automatic business continuity with LTE backup for near-zero downtime, and Network Visibility which offers automated speed tests, and quality of experience (QoE) ratings per connected device.
  • Concierge™

    • Concierge helps business owners turn their WiFi usage data into actionable insights that can optimize service and boost margins. Customers access a dedicated guest network through a branded portal and Guest Analytics track visit frequency and length, repeat and new guests, data usage, social logins, and more. Business owners gain control through segmentation and guest bandwidth throttling.
  • Keycard™

    • Keycard keeps employees engaged and maximizes productivity. Custom Employee Profiles make it easier for employees to connect their own devices, while individual device approval clearances can be set by the business owner. Content filters automatically cloud-update, for a safer work environment, and Employee Analytics reviews timecard data, app and data usage, and time spent to support future scheduling, onboarding, and employee engagement.
  • Shield™

    • Shield provides enterprise-grade security for small business networks. Always-on AI monitoring protects sensitive data and guards against cyber-threats while automatically blocking malicious content and tracking threats in real-time. Shield scans IoT devices for anomalies and quarantines suspected intrusions before a breach can occur. Secure Connect segments the network into three separate zones, managing access to critical devices at back office, employee, and guest level.
  • Flow™

    • Flow transforms indoor motion data into valuable activity insights. Customer density and dwell-time data provides a new understanding of activity trends to predict business demand and optimize staffing, while insights into customer flow translate into better merchandising and layout decisions. Connected WiFi devices can also be used to detect motion, enabling additional alerts during closed hours.


  • Frontline™

    • Frontline expands tier 1, 2, & 3 support options to increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn. Frontline is made up of a comprehensive set of tools and dashboards designed for network ops and tech personnel. CSPs can perform instant network health checks with remediation steps for quick and first-time call resolution, glean details around the Quality of Experience (QoE) of devices in the home for unique insights into subscriber pain points, and gain complete control of the customer experience for enhanced feature enablement and verification. Expanded topology of device connectivity with our Time Machine scrubber allows CSPs to redraw events and service interruptions to better understand them.

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