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5 spring cleaning tips for your home WiFi network

Plume TeamDigital Wellbeing
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Spring cleaning doesn't just mean it's time to sweep out that old closet, spruce up your yard, and put those winter clothes away for the season. It's also the perfect time to clean up your online network and ensure your home WiFi network is up to speed. (Do you keep clicking “Remind me later" on those device updates? You're not alone.)

After all, if you live a lot of your life online—because of remote work, virtual schooling, gaming, or streaming entertainment—your digital world deserves just as much of a refresh as your physical one.

So, to help you get started, here are five ways to “spring clean" your home WiFi network.

1. Refresh your security settings

Cyber-security is still an afterthought for many people, but it shouldn't be. Left unguarded, your personal data and devices could be vulnerable to viruses, malware, and phishing attacks, so protecting your network from cyber-threats is essential. According to the FBI's Internet Crime Report, personal data breaches rose dramatically from 2019 to 2021, costing victims a collective $517 million last year.

You shouldn't have to manually protect your devices and network, either. Upgrading to a smart security system that keeps itself up to date can help ensure consistent, network-wide protection—so you can use your home WiFi with peace of mind.

2. Update your device permissions

Chances are, you have a lot of devices connected to your network. As Plume found, the number of devices per US household jumped 38% from 2019 to 2021. This spring, keep those devices organized by updating your permissions.

You might create user profiles for each household member, for example, to better manage internet access and make the most of your available bandwidth. You can also take this opportunity to set permissions for visitors by creating guest WiFi passwords for extra security.

3. Pinpoint and remedy WiFi dead spots

It's 2022. There's no excuse for WiFi that fails to reach each room of your house. So save yourself from interrupted Zoom calls and buffering browsers by finding the dead spots in your home and upgrading your WiFi to reach them.

In fact, as you refresh your decor and move your furniture around, you can give your WiFi a boost by making sure your modems or routers are in the right places. Choosing a central location for your router, for example, can help boost your signal and WiFi performance throughout your home. Also check for signal interference from bulky furniture, large appliances, and metal doors.

4. Make time for work-life balance

With summer on the horizon, give yourself a regular break from your connected devices by setting content filters and internet freezes as needed. If you're looking for more screen-free time with family and friends, set timeouts for certain devices or your network as a whole. Or, if you're looking to finish work and get back to those spring and summer activities, filter out distracting content to stay on track towards your goals.

5. Prep your network for future upgrades

Spring cleaning comes just once a year, but managing your WiFi network is an ongoing process. In fact, you should be monitoring your WiFi year-round to keep it up-to-date with new features and capabilities.

That's why HomePass runs on the cloud so that all system upgrades are installed automatically and remotely. No need to schedule an appointment with a technician. No need to buy new hardware unless you really want to. And no need to set a reminder for next month (or next spring cleaning season).

HomePass is built to evolve with your home network needs— winter, spring, summer, and fall.