A great connection is just the beginning.

Plume is a revolutionary Smart Home System controlled by our award-winning app. It’s time to change your relationship with your home Wi-Fi, forever.

common:Reliably Fast & Dynamic Coverage

Intelligent Wi-Fi

Reliably Fast & Dynamic Coverage

common:Real-Time Threat Protection

Online Security

Real-Time Threat Protection

common:Complete Smart Home Control

Customised Control

Complete Smart Home Control

common:Whole-Home Awareness

Motion Detection

Whole-Home Awareness

Consistent Connectivity That Adjusts To Your Habits

Through cloud-based technology powered by AI, Plume HomePass provides you with full-strength, uninterrupted connectivity, working seamlessly with any modem and Internet Service Provider you currently use. Our technology learns from your patterns, creating the best conditions for the network you need every day.

WiFi benefits

The Future of Wi-Fi is Here

Wi-Fi systems haven’t changed much over the years. They are prone to connectivity hiccups and interference from neighbouring networks, resulting in poor connectivity and service drops. Plume HomePass is the first and only self-optimising home Wi-Fi technology that removes these disruptions entirely. So go ahead, take a FaceTime call, stream your favourite 4K miniseries, and download the entire folder of vacation photos—all at the same time.

Cyber-threats Are Evolving. Luckily, So Are We

Our advanced AI Security puts in the work to ensure your entire home network and all connected devices are protected from hackers and cyberattacks in real-time.

Your Home, Your Rules

Complete personalisation is at your fingertips with individual user profiles, guest access, and parental controls managed in one place. Setting limits for device-level and internet-level access has never been easier.

WiFi benefits

Going Offline is Important

Make time for what matters with scheduled internet freezes. Advanced Access Controls make it easy to monitor everyone’s level of usage to better set healthy boundaries.

A Breakthrough in Home Visibility Without the Need For Cameras

Your wireless devices work together to detect movement in each room of your home by measuring Wi-Fi signals with no new equipment needed. Alerts come to you directly in the Plume App to ensure peace of mind at all times.

Plume’s new membership approach, along with the powerful new SuperPods, are terrific examples of what the future of the home network landscape looks like.

Forbes Magazine, February 2020

Member Reviewsfive stars
Jesse L.

4 BR Home, Texas

Setup was a breeze and we now have evenly distributed WiFi coverage throughout our home. Not only can I work at home now, the Wi-Fi coverage so good that I can hook up our Ring doorbell which requires a pretty strong signal. Their customer service and technical support can’t be beat!


Amazon verified purchase

I can stream 4K movies now without issue and no buffering and it makes you really appreciate how great WiFi can be. There is a reason Samsung and Xfinity are now using Plume mesh networking in their own hardware. It just works.

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